Finding ourselves homeless. Part II

After we moved out, further improvements were made.

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Older ones moved out.

Our older children, unbeknown to us decided they wanted independance and freedom.  With no warning whatsoever the elder two moved out, literally the same day.  My oldest son, who wasa difficult child and a really difficult teenager decided to vent his frustrations, anger and personal failures into a violent attack which resulted in my having to make a visit to the hospital.  I refused to engage with him, and in a fit of rage he systematically went around the house making sure every item was damaged, destroyed or unusable.  Luckily the property itself wasn't damaged, but through his actions we literally had to start the entire household from scratch,

He asked Redbridge for accommodation.

He asked Redbridge for assistance as he claimed he was thrown out and Redbridge duly assisted and placed him in the Foyer, a group of self contained units for teenagers in Ilford town centre.  He claimed housing benefit for living there and we never interacted.

Austerity and financial strain.

Our customers during this time were the target of austerity measures, so trade slowly and surely trickled down.  Big retailers, feeling the bite started encroaching on our business and the pound shop became the new go to place for our customers.

The letting agent.

because of our financial "arrangement" we were initially reluctant to call the letting agent for assistance.  Eventually we did it, justifying it to ourselves as saving the landlord money long term.  Nothing was done.  No action was taken and the property turned from a dream to a nightmare.

Notifying the borough.

Because we claimed Housing Benefit, legally we have to notify Redbridge Council of changes in circumstances, particularly when it comes to entitlement to house sizes.  We also could not allow our son to be on records for Clarendon Gardens and be claiming for The Foyer.  At this time our eldest daughter, who is bi-polar and very close to our son,  also moved out, creating a serious problem.

The foyer in Ilford.

Informing the letting agent.

We informed the letting agent of our underoccupancy.  They already were aware of our financial hardship and because of the strain of the sub-standard accommodation and the fuss we caused getting the house up to code, were not interested in helping us locate a smaller 3 bedroom property, so off to Redbridge Housing we went.

Part III

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