About Us

First of all, lets get this out the way.  There is nothing remarkable about us.  We are a normal family, with normal family problems and normal family life.  We had a family crisis in 2015 with our son, who had always had problems and this propelled us into a downward spiral of stress and blame that we are suffering the effects from even now.

We went to our local council, which happened to be Redbridge, hoping for some help and support and instead were subjugated to humiliation, blame and barrage of lies that nearly sank us.

Throughout this ordeal we thought we were alone.  Alone in the injustice, alone in the blame and alone in the fight.  We have since heard it is "normal" for housing to find families intentionally homeless.  This way the budget can be deferred to Social Services.  The evil part of this agenda is before the decision is finalised, they make sure you are placed out of borough, so you are somebody else's problem.

How did we fight.. what can you do?

First of all it is important to understand that we were not "guilty" of intentional homelessness.  No matter what decision the local authority came to, we knew we didn't deliberately have our son assault us, sending me to hospital.  I had hoped that common sense would prevail, I trusted the system would protect us from harm.  Sadly this was not the case.  After the decision of deliberate homelessness has been found, you are at the mercy of social services.  There is no duty, no pathway to housing, no help.  Because the decision of deliberate homelessness was made, the blame continues from department to department.  We had threat after threat.  I can see why they do this, you cannot have people fecklessly spending money and hoping the state should sort it out.  What the state didn't realise is, due to financial pressure, councils would rely on illegal decisions and gate keeping to cull the swelling number of homelessness due to government policy changes.

We fought in a number of ways,,, some of them are potentially harmful to our family.

We told our story in the media.

We decided to write a complaint.

We exposed every lie we were told.

We made a web site to document the lies.