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Meet Our Team Who Share God’s Love

Lloyd joined Elim Barking in 2018 when Lloyd took the role of Senior Pastor.  He previously served as an Elim missionary in Swaziland for 7 years. 
When not with her five children, Gillian works as an advocate for the disadvantaged, attending meetings and helping complete paperwork.
Became homeless in 2015 and fought the system to eventually get housed. Uses this knowledge of what he has learned in this time to help others avoid making the same errors.
First of all, thank you for specnding some of your precious time to see what we do at Barking Elim Night Shelter, Click here to get an overview of what we do. If and how you can help. Even if your time is limited, whatever you can do makes a difference.

We are not only a night shelter. We offer support with help for the following.

Benefit claims - access to online resources.

Donations can come in many forms, you can donate money, you can donate items that are desperately needed or you can donate the most precious commodity, your time. Click on the above link to see what is currently needed as needs change frequently.

You can listen to our podcast or even our pastoral teams preachings on matters of homelessness. We encourage and ask you like and share YouTube videos and spread the word too.